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Differential Impedance Calculator
Version 3.5


The following files or file sets can be downloaded from this page. Best results are obtained if you right-click a selection and and then select "Save File As:"

UCCALC_manual.pdf   (Large pdf file, opens in a new window)
This is the Operator's Manual, created from the Help file. It includes specific information regarding installation, operation, and specifications for the calculator.

This zip'd file contains the entire program. On your system, create a directory for the differential calculator. Download uccalc.zip to that directory and unzip it. When unzip'd you should obtain the executable file (uccalc.exe), the help file (uccalc.chm), and the 7 resource files. The executable file, uccalc.exe,  should run correctly from there. You can place a shortcut on your desktop pointing to this location.

If you get an error saying that the system can't find MSSTDFMT.DLL, click here and download the file msstdfmt.zip. Unzip it and copy both msstdfmt.dll and patch.exe to the Windows system32 folder. Execute patch.exe (that will register the dll with the system.) After the dll has been registered, you can delete patch.exe.

There are seven resource files. If they are edited or corrupted in any way, the calculator will not work. If your files somehow get corrupted, here is another set of them that can be downloaded.

The calculator is written in Microsoft's Visual Basic 6. You probably don't need this runtime library, but if you do you can download it here and run it on your own system.


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