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Differential Impedance Calculator
Current version: 3.5


NEW: Version 3.5 now has expanded input ranges for users who found the original ranges too limiting.

SEE: How Version 3.5 compares to other calculators. In the December, 2015 issue of PCD&F there was an article titled "Field Solvers for TRANSMISSION LINE ANALYSIS: How Similar are They?" Six different high-end transmission line solvers were compared to each other. (You can read the article here: http://www.pcdandf.com/pcdesign/index.php/magazine/10472-simulation-1512.) We thought you might be interested in seeing how UltraCAD's $375 UCCALC.exe Differential Impedance Calculator compared with the more expansive solvers. Check here:

UltraCAD's new Differential Impedance calculator will calculate single-ended and differential impedance for the common configurations we all deal with:

            Embedded Microstrip
            Edge-coupled Asymmetric Stripline
            Broadside-coupled Asymmetric Stripline

Given a value for impedance, it will (in most cases) calculate the other variables we need during the design process. So it will help answer questions like:

        What width trace do I need to hit a 75 Ohm differential impedance?
        How far apart do my planes need to be?
        How sensitive is my design to variations in Er?
        Will a change in trace thickness impact my design?

In addition, the calculator calculates propagation time, Co, and Lo for the traces. It also calculates common mode impedance.

Beginning with Version 3.0 the licensing procedure changed dramatically. A dongle is no longer required for the calculator. Instead, a simple license file is required, which UltraCAD can send to you by e-mail.

Beginning with Version 3.5, all files may be placed in a folder selected by the user. C:\uccalc\ is a good choice.  The license file must be placed in ANY of these directories.
    The root directory of your system drive (typically  c:\   )  or
    A   \uccalc\ subfolder under the root directory of your system drive (typically c:\uccalc\), or
    The same folder as the main program file.
    (Holders of an UltraCAD Universal License should place the program file in the same folder as all the other universal files.)

Also beginning with version 3.0 the freeware option for single-ended traces is no longer available.

Free Upgrade Offer: If you have a license dongle for version 2.2 or below, we will exchange the dongle for a license file for the newer version 3.5. Return the dongle to us along with a license form with your current information and indicate in the comments section that this will be a free upgrade.

Go to this page for download information, including how to download the Operator's Manual. The Operator's Manual is a *.pdf version of the help file and describes the calculator in detail, including its specifications.

Go to this page for some screen shots of some sample calculations.

Go to this page for licensing information and instructions on how to acquire your license.

Go to this page for UltraCAD's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding the calculator.

Operating System Requirements:

This calculator is designed to run on Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/VISTA/Win7, 32 bit and 64 bit versions.


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