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How UCCALC 3.5 Compares
to Other Calculators

In the December, 2015 issue of PCD&F there was an article titled "Field Solvers for TRANSMISSION LINE ANALYSIS: How Similar are They?" Six different high-end transmission line solvers were compared to each other. (You can read the article here: http://www.pcdandf.com/pcdesign/index.php/magazine/10472-simulation-1512.) We thought you might be interested in seeing how UltraCAD's $375 UCCALC.exe Differential Impedance Calculator compared with the more expansive solvers.
Table 1, below (from the article), is the raw data used in the calculations.
Figure 4 (from the article), below, shows the impedance results from the six high-end solvers. The top is for Microstrip calculations and the bottom is for Stripline calculations.
The following screenshot is from UCCALC.exe's Microstrip calculation:  
The relevant comparisons are these:
      Zo = 54.0 Ohms, near the middle of the group
      Zodd = Zdiff/2 = 48.3 Ohms, slightly below the others
      Zeven = Zcommon-mode*2 = 59.2, near the middle
The following screenshot is from UCCALC.exe's Stripline calculation:  
The relevant comparisons are these:
      Zo = 50.0 Ohms, about 1.5 Ohms higher than the others
      Zodd = Zdiff/2 = 44.15 Ohms, approximately 1.0 Ohms above the others
      Zeven = Zcommon-mode*2 = 55.8, approximately 2 Ohms above the others
Overall, The UltraCAD calculator is pretty close, considering the substantial cost differences!

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