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Licenses for calculators and tools are issued ONLY in the name of individuals (not companies). Our license terms are that the individual licensee may use the license on any computer, but no other person may use a license not issued in his/her name. Payment is accepted by check or by Paypal. We do not accept purchase orders for licenses, nor can we accept credit cards at our offices.

To order licenses for calculator(s) or tool(s) please follow these ** THREE ** steps:
1. Indicate the number of licenses for each calculator/tool. Then click on the "Click Here to Calculate Order" button to calculate the total. Add any necessary explanations in the comment box near the bottom of the page.
2. Fill in the information for the licensee in the form below. If payment is being made in a name different from the licensee, you can indicate this in the Comments box. If you are making a single payment for multiple licenses in the name of different licensees, you can add that information in the Comments box. Then click the "SEND" button. The entire order form will be sent to Doug Brooks by email.
3. Press the Paypal icon and enter the proper information for payment (or send us a check).

1. Enter Number of Licenses (per individual licensee):

Use the form below to enter how many licenses you want to order in the name of the licensee below. Use one form per licensee. If you are claiming credits for a prior license of UCADPCB, enter the name of the licensee and the license code (if known) of the prior license in the comments box near the bottom of the page. Click the "Click Here to Calculate Order" button to calculate the total.

Unit Price
UCCALC Differential Calculator
UCADPDSI Power Distribution Impedance Calculator
UCADPCB4 PCB Trace Calculator PCB4
----Less: Credit for version 2.x license pcb4

UCAD_TTemp Calculator

"Trace and Via.. " book (pdf version) [1]   PdfB
Current/Temperature Charts (pdf version) [2]   PdfT
[1] For a limited time the PDF version of this book is free with the purchase of a UCADPCB4 license. Do not enter a PdfB quantity if also ordering the calculator.

[2] The Trace Current/Temperature Curves booklet is free with with the purchase of a UCAD_TTemp license. Do not enter a PdfT quantity if ordering the calculator.




2. Enter AND SEND License Information:

Fill out the form below for the individual licensee. Please use one form for each licensee. When finished, click the "Send" button to send the form by email to Doug Brooks.

: Name
: Company
: E-mail       
: Phone
: Address 1
: Address2
: City
: State
: Country
: Postal Code


Click the "SEND" button to send form to UltraCAD.



3. Payment:

Click the "Buy Now" button to send payment to UltraCAD. Enter the amount from "Total," above.

If you are paying by check, send a check to UltraCAD at the address on the bottom of this page. Otherwise, (a) click the Paypal logo, (b) enter the amount into the box that appears, and (c) click "update". Payment will be made to Douglas Brooks at his email address. If the payment is being made by a different individual than the licensee, please indicate that in the Comments box, above.

It is acceptable to combine payment for several licensees into a single Paypal payment. You can add that information in the Comments box above, but we will usually able to figure that out by the number of forms we receive at one time and the payment that is made at the same time! In any event, please fill out only one form per individual licensee.

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