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PCB Trace and Via Currents and Temperatures
The Complete Analysis, 2nd Edition

Finally! For the first time, here is a complete, thorough analysis of the relationships between PCB trace (and via) currents and trace temperatures. All in one place!

This book is available in two versions:
Paperback, from Amazon.com (click link) ($65.00 USD)
PDF**, directly from UltraCAD (see below.) ($40.00 USD)
Brooks has been looking at these relationships since the mid '90s. And he has assembled 20-plus years of knowledge into these pages. Starting with a historical background, this book covers: (a) PCB materials (copper and dielectrics) and the role they play in the heating and cooling of traces; (b) The IPC curves found in IPC 2152; (c) Equations that fit those curves; (d) Computer simulations that fit those curves and equations; (e) Sensitivity analyses showing what happens when we vary the environment (adjacent traces and planes, changing trace lengths, thermal gradients, etc.); (f) Via temperatures and what determines them; (g) Via current densities; and (h) Fusing issues, what happens when traces are overloaded. There are supplemental chapters or appendices on measuring the thermal conductivity of dielectrics and measuring the resistivity of copper traces (and why many prior attempts to do so have been doomed to failure.) And there is even a chapter on whether Industrial CT Scanning might replace microsections for measuring trace parameters. The 2nd Edition add two more chapters (on voltages across traces and vias, and on the thermal effects around right-angle corners) and several expanded chapters.

Never before has such a thorough compendium been available, especially so conveniently.
A PDF** version can be ordered directly from UltraCAD for $40.00 USD. Go here to order.
** To help prevent unauthorized distribution, each PDF copy will have the buyer's name visible in the body of the copy and will be protected against editing, copying, and printing. Your copy will be approximately 25 Megs in size. You will be sent a private link for downloading this from the UltraCAD Web pages.
Special Limited Time Offer
If you purchase a new license for UltraCAD's PCB4 Trace Calculator, we will send you a PDF** copy of the book FOR FREE.
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