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The Little Extra Boards That Counted

Two Case Histories

One of our customers found, after the design was finished and the board fabricated, that a certain component would not be available in the form factor that was designed in for at least eight months. He was looking at a board redesign in order to do the prototype testing. We saw that we could build a type of daughter card that could hold the part that was available and be inserted into the location for the original part. This was made possible by the creative use of some special headers and a zero tolerance dimensional design. When the customer had trouble picturing what we had in mind, we simply designed it for him and sent him the final drawings. He was able to do his testing with $500 in special fabrication costs instead of an $8,000 redesign and new boards. We didn't charge him anything.

Another found, after the prototype boards were fabricated, that a pinout spec. he had supplied us for an SMT 68 pin PLCC was incorrect. The pin numbering actually started in the middle of a side instead of the corner. We fashioned a small board that fit between the main board and the SMT part which effectively matched the PLCC to the PCB. That allowed the customer to salvage the investment he had in his prototype boards. We didn't charge him, either, for that little design.

These are the kinds of things we like to do for our good customers.



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