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Doug Brooks gives numerous and frequent seminars around the US and around the world. He is a regular speaker at UP Media's PCB Design Conferences, East and West, has given on-line "webinars" and has spoken in such diverse cities as Moscow, Beijing, Taipei, and Tokyo (among others). But why pay to go to one of Doug's seminars, Bring him to your facility, for a much lower total cost, to speak to your people in the comfort of their own location. Or, let Doug help your organization put together a fundraising local seminar. Students really learn when they combine one of Doug's seminars with a copy of his book (look here).

Brooks' seminars are aimed at PCB designers and people with basic engineering skills. He places a large emphasis on understanding technical concepts without using a lot of math, and on explaining why there might be different views about an issue among different engineers.

Seminars can be arranged from one hour to two days. To inquire about a seminar at your facility, contact Doug at:    .

The following are possible ideas to choose from:


Signal Integrity Issues and Printed Circuit Board Design
  The combined seminar requires at least a full day (preferably two) and is packed with information. It combines almost all of the following material into one, complete, coherent seminar. Extensive use is made of signal integrity design tools from Mentor Graphics, HyperLynx, and Polar Instruments, and UltraCAD to illustrate and simulate various types of problems and solutions. Attendees will come away with a wealth of information and a significantly better understanding of what board designers can do to maximize signal integrity performance.

This seminar has been well received every time it has been offered at PCB Design Conferences, Designer Council Chapters, and private companies. It is the best and most complete seminar UltraCAD offers.

Transmission Lines: Theory, Simulation, and Control
  Everything you wanted to know about transmissions, from why we use them, to calculating impedance, to PCB design guidelines, and on and on....  If there is time allowed, this seminar can also include (a) skin effect's impact on transmission lines, (b) lossy transmission lines, and (c) differential circuits and transmission lines. Generally this seminar requires at least a half-day and preferably a full day. A one-hour lunch-time presentation can scratch some interesting surfaces!
Emi and Crosstalk: Theory, Simulation and Control
  Many students don't understand how closely the topics of EMI and crosstalk are linked together. This seminar links them together, explains the problems and solutions, and gives meaningful guidelines for PCB design. Time requirement is at least 2 hours.
ESR and Bypass Caps 
  This is Doug's most technical seminar. This one includes a lot of equations! It goes into detail what some of the surprising issues are when closely valued capacitors are connected in parallel, whet the resulting impedance functions can look like, and the surprising conclusions about ESR that result. Not for the faint of heart. About two hours or so, but can be compressed into a lunch-time talk.
Differential Signals and Traces
  A nice, compact seminar specifically about differential circuits, traces, transmission lines, and design rules. From one to two hours.
Skin Effect
  Doug has created a seminar specifically around the skin effect. This explains in plain language what the skin effect is and why we care.
Trace Currents and Temperatures
  Doug did some pioneering work in correlating and understanding some of the historical work done in the area of trace currents and temperatures. The historical background is really surprising when you get to learn about it! Doug has developed some equations and calculators for working with trace currents and temperatures, and also with fusing currents. This seminar can also tie in the impact of skin effect. See the article section on this topic and UltraCAD's PCB Trace Calculator.


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