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PCB Currents; How They Flow, How They React



                Section 1             Nature of current
                                1.  Electrons and Charges
                                2.  Basic Current Concepts
3. Basic Current Laws:                                                                                                 

                Section 2             Current Flow In Basic Circuits
4  Resistive Circuits
5. Reactive Circuits: Capacitors and Capacitance
6. Reactive Circuits: Inductors and Inductance
7. Reactive Circuits: Resonance
8. Impedance
9. Real Components and Parasitics
10. Time Constants and Filters
11.  Transformers
12. Differential Current Flow
13. Semiconductors                                                                                                

                Section 3             Voltage and Current Sources
14. Voltage and Current Sources                                                                                   

                Section 4             Current Flow on Circuit Boards
15. Where Do Currents Flow on Circuit Boards
16.  Current and Trace Temperatures
17. Current Reflections
18.  Coupled Currents/EMI/Crosstalk
19.  Current Distribution and Bypass Capacitors 
20.  Frequency-Variable Resistance and Lossy Transmission Lines
21. Currents and Vias
22.  Current and Signal Integrity    

A             Current flow and Maxwell
B             Eye diagrams


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