UltraCAD Design, Inc


Signal Integrity Issues 
and Printed Circuit Board Design

Prentice Hall, 2003    ISBN  0-13-141884-X


p. 10, Figure 1-5  These figures were inadvertently distorted during the production process
p. 158, Figure 9-3  Click here to see the undistorted figures
p. 302, Figure 16-2

p. 394,  Glossary.  The glossary entry for Radian is poorly stated. The explanation on page 16-17 is much clearer. A better glossary entry would say:
Radian: The angle formed by a length along the circumference of a circle equal to the radius of the circle. There are 2p radians in 360 degrees. 

p. 397, Index. The index entry under "Capacitor, capacitance/hydraulic analog" is misspelled!

p. xviii, Preface. With sincere apologies to Gary, I misspelled Gary Ferrari's name in the preface!

p. 13, 1st paragraph. The last part of the last line should read "...and a peak-to-peak value of 331 volts." (Thanks to Ki-Don Kim).