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PCB Signal Integrity LiveLessons (Prentice Hall)

Background Douglas Brooks and Prentice Hall have combined to make available Doug's signal integrity seminars to all designers and engineers in the comfort of their homes and/or offices. These videos, encompassing nine lesson titles and over 7 hours of videos, cover all of the topics Doug's seminars have become famous for.

You can purchase the Signal Integrity LiveLesson video series here.

LiveLesson Outline

The primary outline for the set of video lessons is this:

0.                 Introduction (video) 
Lesson 1    Review Background Information

Lesson 2    Eliminate Reflections
Lesson 3    Minimize EMI and Crosstalk Coupling
Lesson 4    Design Differential Traces
Lesson 5    Solve Power Distribution Problems
Lesson 6    Understand High Frequency Resistance Losses
Lesson 7    Deal with Really Short Wavelengths
Lesson 8    Control Trace Temperatures
Lesson 9    Final Thoughts

00.              Summary (video) 

A full outline of the video series can be found here:

Introductory Video The Introduction video is made available here for your interest. Click on the video or the link to open it.

click the image above to play the introduction video.

  Once again, for purchase information, go here.