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Electronic Humor!

Doug Brooks has been known, on RARE occasion, to give in to flights of fancy, particularly regarding the qualities of electrons. Pete (Waddell, Editor) has reprinted a few of these on the "Back Page" of the magazine. Some of them include:

Note: There is a bug in some versions of Adobe Acrobat that sometimes prevents a pdf file from opening. If you have this problem, right-click the link and select "Save Target As...". Then save the file on you local hard drive and open it there.

Flying Electrons!  
  The January, 1996, issue of Printed Circuit Design magazine contained an article titled "Design For EMC." That article said: "Orthogonal trace corners should be avoided. The debate rages, but as frequencies and edge rates continue to rise, 90 degree corners introduce excess capacitance and cause a small change in characteristic impedance. This change becomes disastrous at high frequencies (e.g.100 Mhz) when electrons virtually fly off the sharp corners of the bend."  (p. 28, emphasis added) This triggered an exchange between UltraCAD and the editor, an abridged version of which was printed in the February issue (p. 48). This is the unabridged version of that exchange. It has become a classic in our industry.
Digital Food and Low Fat Electrons!  
  Think of how much gasoline could be saved if we could download lunch from a deli instead of driving to the deli! That's why the government was supporting research into digital food. And THAT opened up the need for low fat electrons, if we are all to remain healthy.
Government Subsidies to Designers!  
  Since some farmers are paid by the government not-to-grow crops and some medical schools are paid not-to-train doctors, it seems logical to us there could be a case made for the government paying PCB designers not-to-design boards.
Going In and Going Out Electrons!  
  Alternating current (AC) means sometimes the current is "going in" and sometimes it is "going out." Understanding this helps us understand the differences between common components.
Smart Electrons!  
  Joe Morrison and Doug Brooks spent one Wednesday evening listing to the "Porch Dawgs" in Santa Clara. This is what that did to them! Why send a coulomb of charge (6.25 x 1018 electrons) when a single, smarter electron could do the job?
Recounting Electrons!  
  After the election debacle of 2000, it became clear that today's current measuring devices may also be subject to criticism, especially in some Southern states! This has serious consequences for the industry.

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