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Bypass Caps/Power Conditioning Articles


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ESR and Bypass Capacitor Self Resonant Behavior: How to Select Bypass Caps.  
  This ground-breaking paper (appearing first in early 2000) was among the very first to point out the theory behind why a large number of capacitor values, with moderate ESRs, work better than a smaller number of capacitor values with very low ESRs. We have also made available (for license) the calculator we wrote to do the analysis. 
Ground Plane 101   
  A reader sent us an e-mail and asked "What is a ground plane and when would you use one?" This October, 1997, tutorial explains the many benefits of planes in PCB design.
Ground Bounce, Parts 1 and 2   
  The November and December, 1997, columns explored ground bounce, both within a device and as related to the connections between a device and the ground and power planes. A discussion of the role of bypass caps is also included.
Bypass Capacitors, an Interview With Todd Hubing.  
  Todd Hubing, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Missouri-Rolla, co-authored an article related to the impedance of planes at very high frequencies. Some people have misinterpreted the implications of that article for bypass capacitors. In this interview, from the March, 1998 issue, Todd sets the record straight.
Splitting Planes for Speed and Power.  
  This article appeared as a feature article in the December, 200 issue of the magazine. It discussed why planes might be split in the first place, and then if they are, what kinds of design rules might follow.

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